"Your imagination is your preview to life's many attractions." - Albert Einstein

Welcome to BLiSS events + staffing

BLiSS events and staffing is a small boutique company specializing in event design, details and direction.

Every event that BLiSS creates is inspired by their client's initial vision, teamed with BLiSS' design and event knowledge, ending in a memorable event that is precisely customized to that client's vision.  

BLiSS advocates for each client as they work with vendor selection and negotiation, event design, on-site management and overseeing every detail to execution.  Great events are found in the details like customized bridal services, personal designed decor, and the litte extras that guests will remember.


"I chose Lori to manage the many details for my wedding because I wanted to keep my stress at a minimum during the busy holiday season. She handled all the details...from the flowers and decor to menu and set-up for our intimate home wedding for 40 guests in December. Lori's attention to detail and expertise in event planning and management was integral to our special evening. I would highly recommend hiring her for your next special occasion...it will make all the difference!"
Laine Mendenhall-Buck
"I want to thank the staff at BLiSS events + staffing for making our event a success. The food was delicious and was prepared and presented in a professional manner. We were able to relax and enjoy the evening because everything went just as BLiSS had planned. Your services exceeded our expectations!"
Brad and Kristi Smith
"Thank you so much for the wonderful setup for the graduation party. It was an awesome night; all made easier for me by you!  the only thing I regret is not following your suggestion on the veggies!  Next year I will go with the one bag of broccoli, not four!  "
"Being a mother of 5 and a corporate manager, I didn¹t think I'd be able to host a Graduation Party, but BLiSS made it easy! Lori took care of all the details for Marina's Graduation party and I was able to enjoy the evening.  Her attention to detail allowed us to have a FUN time while the staff kept the evening going."
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